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End the tyranny.  Restore health freedom.  Reform or replace the FDA with an agency the understands and supports natural health products.

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For the finest in essential oils and essential oil enhanced products, dōTERRA® offers you the purest, most potent oils on the market.  For quality that is readily apparent, be sure your essential oils come from dōTERRA®.

No website can be totally comprehensive in its scope.  Links to other sites with compatible information is the best way to make up for this limitation.  However, the FDA has tightened its interpretation of the Dietary Safety Health and Education Act of 1994 to such an extent that, to prevent getting this site — and those to which I might wish to link — shut down, we've had to remove many of these links.

We offer you what we can, with the hope that they will help you on your journey to better health — naturally.

Limitations and an invitation

We can't personally vouch for all of these websites.  Some, we've used quite a lot, some sound very interesting or were suggested by others; so, visit them with some discernment.  If you really like what you see on them, let us know (we might even add a link to a specific page, if you recommend it highly enough); if you see something troubling, please let me know so we can reevaluate my link.

And, if you know of someplace that we've missed, we'd appreciate the heads-up.  Just send us an e-mail and include a link to the page(s) that caught your attention.

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