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Energique homeopathic remedies

Energique® products:

Energique® offers a wide range of natural healthcare products, from dietary supplements, homeopathics and liquefied herbals, formulated to support your health and well-being at many different levels.  They offer a complete line of natural products, used daily by healthcare professionals, in their practices.

See the Energique® line of products.

A growing body of research is demonstrating the importance of enhancing your diet with vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements, to support your overall health and wellness.  Even leading medical journals have caught on to their importance.  Studies have shown that supporting your diet with quality supplements can help you maintain optimal health and, among other things:

More than just vitamins and minerals

But, vitamins and minerals are only a small part of the supplement story.  Enzymes and probiotics, along with many other nutrients, also play vital roles in nutritional support, healthy immune function and your body's natural renewal system.

However, not all nutritional supplements are alike.  While natural supplements are far superior to synthetic ones, even among so-called "natural" supplements, the quality and bio-availability between brands varies widely.  Some actually do more harm than good.

Because quality counts,™ offers you only a select few brands.  I have personally found many of these products to be very helpful in my own quest for optimal health.  Because everyone is different, however, I can't make any guarantees that these products will work for you; but they have proven themselves in my life.™ also features products from these companies:

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Garden of Life:

Primal Defense® is something of the flag-ship product in Garden of Life's exceptional line of dietary supplements.  It is a powerful blend of 12 species of probiotic and homeostatic soil organisms.  Produced with the patented Poten-Zyme™ process, Primal Defense® brings you truly exceptional probiotic support in a whole-food matrix.

Primal Defense: superior probiotic action from Garden of LifePrimal Defense® is only one of several high-quality products from Garden of Life.  Together, they will change your paradigm of what nutritional supplements are meant to be.

See the Garden of Life line of products.

Bio-Design Glandulars:

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But, before closing their doors, the folks at Atrium put me into contact with Bio-Design, a company offering equivalent, or nearly equivalent, products.  I am happy to be able to offer them to you.

This past year, Bio-Design was purchased by Dr. Phil Horning, who was, for more than 20 years, the president of a non-profit health education nutrition research foundation.  And so, while Bio-Design does not offer equivalents to all of the products previously offered by Atrium, Dr. Horning is bringing his passion for natural wellness to the task of continuing the legacy of Atrium, while reformulating some of the products for even greater effectiveness.

See the Bio-Design line of products  >>

Peaceful Mountain®:

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Peaceful Mountain® offers a line of gels, lotions and sprays, formulated to help bring your life back into balance.  With products for your skin, musculoskeletal system and immunity, you will enjoy the many benefits of these all natural products.

See the Peaceful Mountain line of products >>


ecoNugenicsecoNugenics has been producing research-based nutraceuticals since 1995.  These innovative supplements are formulated by Dr Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, who is widely regarded as the leading expert on Modified Citrus Pectin. 

In addition to PectaSol-C® and PetaClear®, two Modified Citrus Pectin supplements, ecoNugenics offers truly amazing mushroom-based formulas and other herbals, as well as detox products, a digestive formula, a metabolic formula and the best multi-vitamin/mineral supplement I've ever seen.

See the ecoNugenics line of products >>

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BioResponse DIM

BioResponse® Nutrients:

BioResponse® Nutrients offers the only DIM Complex with guaranteed, patented absorption.  DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a powerful component found in cruciferous vegetables that balances estrogen metabolism, for both men and women.  Many of the health problems commonly associated with estrogen are actually linked to hormone imbalance and unhealthy hormone metabolism.  DIM helps regulate estrogen hormone metabolism, which can be beneficial for breast and prostate health.

Patented BioResponse DIM is the original and only microencapsulated formulation of DIM, making it the only DIM with proven absorption.  Their patented technology is currently the only nutrient delivery method that assures predictable and adequate absorption with extended release Diindolylmethane (DIM).

See the BioResponse® Nutrients line of products >>

Liddell® Laboratories:

Liddell Labs logoLiddell® Laboratories offers a number of advanced homeopathic remedies, offering reliable support for everything from jet lag to electromagnetic radiation.  With both oral sprays and topical sprays and gels, you can find effective support for all your health and wellness goals.

See the Liddell® Laboratories line of products >>

Forza Vitale / Glauber Pharma

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Energique has recently partnered with Forza Vitale, in an exclusive agreement, to bring you their comprehensive line of nutritional and herbal supplements.  Like Energique, Forza Vitale uses the spagyric method to manufacture herbs, which is a superior means of extraction, and like Energique, Forza Vitale is committed to producing quality products that help to provide you with positive outcomess.

I'm honored to offer you these fine supplements.  I truly believe that they have the potential to change your life.  Try them, and see the difference they will make in you.

What customers are saying

Note: This is a new feature to this website, so, while I've had a number of similar emails from customers over the years, this is the only one I have to share right now.



I have ordered vitamins and supplements from various websites throughout the years, but none of them compare with yours.  I appreciate your informative website and very reasonable prices.  But, what really impressed me was opening my email to find, not only was my order processed so promptly, but that notification was accompanied by an email offering assistance, if I had question or concerns.

Your customer service is second to none, and you have just guarenteed not only a return customer, but one that will refer friends and family.

Kind regards,


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