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Primal Defense® from Garden of Life®

Superior probiotic protection for healthy gut function and enhanced immunity

Price:  $89.99

Available at Swanson Health Products for only $51.82.

See also Primal Defense® ULTRA and Primal Defense® Kids.

Primal Defense® is nature's first probiotic.  It's a whole food probiotic blend, containing 14 strains of homeostatic soil organisms (what was found in the soil and our foods before modern life sterilized them).

These HSOs are critical to health.


45, 90 or 180 caplet bottle.

Primal Defense® is also available in an 81 gram (powder) canister, by special order.


If I had to choose one supplement to take, apart from enzymes, it would be a probiotic.  For several years, Primal Defense® — and then, Primal Defense® ULTRA — was the best overall probiotic I'd ever seen.  This product, along with therapeutic-grade essential oils, has given me back my life.

That said, Garden of Life's RAW Probiotic is, I feel, even better.  I've had customer comments in agreement with that assessment.  But, as important as probiotic supplements are, it's even better if you can find a good food source for probiotics.  For that, I've been really impressed with the products from Beyond Organic, particularly the kefir drink, Asamai and the fermented whey drink, SeuroGold or Suero VivBeyond Organic also has a fabulous chocolate, complete with omega-3s and probiotics, and many different fermented foods.  I highly recomment them. 

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