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Living Nutrients® Products Garden of Life®

Powerful whole-food dietary supplements, just as your body likes them

Garden of Life Living Nutrients

Garden of Life® Living Nutrients® products are among the most comprehensive whole food vitamins and mineral supplements you can buy.  Of the hundreds of multivitamins available, only the Living Nutrients® formulations combine a multitude of whole food concentrates with important vitamins and minerals, in the form of living nutrients. 

Living Nutrients® are complexes of vitamins and minerals that have been made more body-ready by probiotic microorganisms and their enzymes, and are created through Garden of Life®'s exclusive and proprietary Poten-Zyme® fermentation process.  As a result, these nutrients are easily digested and recognized as food by the body.

Garden of Life® offers two focused formulas: Living Calcium™ Advanced and Living Vitamin C™, to help you achieve overall health and well-being.


Please note: Many of these products are available from Swanson Vitamins at a price far below what I can offer.  I refer you to them as a customer service.

Living Calcium™ Advanced

Price:  $27.99

Living Calcium™ Advanced: Bone Density Support Formula* is a comprehensive formula that helps build and maintain good bone health.

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90 caplets bottle.

Living Vitamin C

Price:  $21.99

Living Vitamin C™, from Garden of Life®, is a powerful vitamin C & antioxidant blend that uses the fruit, pulp, peel and seeds from certified organic whole foods, to deliver all the benefits of vitamin C found in nature.  A rich source of antioxidants and trace minerals, it also contains the co-factors necessary for effective absorption and utilization.

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60 caplet bottle.

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