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FYI® formulas from Garden of Life®

How do FYI®, FYI® ULTRA and FYI® Restore compare to one another?

FYI products from Garden of Life

FYI®, FYI® ULTRA and FYI® Restore are three formulas from Garden of Life's Immunity Support line, that provide potent support for healthy joints, connective tissues and muscles.  While they all work similarly, in some sense, they each have distinct functions in the body.  This is a synopsis of how they work.


Q: How are FYI®, FYI® ULTRA and FYI® Restore the same?

A: Each of these products provides key nutritional factors that support healthy tissue recovery, including antioxidant protection.


Q: What is the difference between FYI®, FYI® ULTRA and FYI® Restore?

A: FYI® is a comprehensive joint health formula, with chicken collagen type II and botanicals, designed primarily to support normal joint function and mobility.  It also contains systemic enzymes, which aid in the reduction of inflammation in the tissues, which supports faster recovery and healing for stressed tissues.

FYI® Restore is an advanced, highly active systemic enzyme blend, to support normal fibrin turnover, tissue repair and recovery.  It includes some antioxidant activity and ionic minerals, as well as botanicals that support healthy tissues, but it is mostly systemic enzymes that support the recovery tissues by modulating inflammation and improving microcirculation to the tissues.

FYI® and FYI® Restore are complementary products, and can be used together for enhanced benefit.

FYI® ULTRA is a multi-faceted joint and cartilage formula, supporting joint and connective tissue health with clinically studied amounts of glucosamine.  This formula supports both the body's ability to rebuild cartilage tissue and maintain healthy joint status.  It also includes turmeric, pomegranate, selenium and other carefully selected natural antioxidants, that assist the body's response to everyday wear and tear.


Comparison of the three FYI formulas

Joint & Tissue Food
Joint & Cartilage Formula
FYI® Restore
Muscle and Tissue Recovery
FYI from Garden of Life FYI ULTRA from Garden of Life FYI Restore from Garden of Life
Supports healthy cartilage and connective tissue.  Complimentary to FYI® Restore. Supports healthy joints and cartilage.

Supports normal fibrin turnover, tissue repair and recovery.  Complimentary to FYI®.
  Glucosamine HCl (shell-fish free)  
Chicken collagen extract.    
  Antioxidant Cartilage Health Complex: with whole pomegranate exract, Poten-Zyme® selenium, BioAstin® (natural astaxanthin), olive leaf extract. Bioflavonoid Complex: rutin, citrus bioflavonoids.
Phytonutrient Blend: Rhododendron caucasicum extract, turmeric root extract, phytosterols, Boswellia serrata, bayberry bark extract, green algae (Ulva lactuca) extract, brown algae (Laminaria japonica) extract.    
Poten-Zyme® Botanical Blend: ginger (root and juice), Cat's claw bark, barley grass juice, turmeric root.
Syrian oregano.
Systemic Enzyme Blend: Protease blend,bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase.   Restore Systemic Enzyme Blend: bromelain, protease, Nattozimes® (nattokinase), Serrazimes® (providing enzymatic activity equivalent to Serrapeptidate (aka, Serrapeptase), papain.
    Protective Tissue Response Blend: with curcumin, Boswellia serrata, ginger.
Calcium, iron.   Ionic ocean and plant based minerals.
Other ingredients: cellulose, acacia, stearic acid (vegetable source). Other ingredients: cellulose, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, gum acacia. Other ingredients: cellulose, magnesuim stearate (vegetable source).

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