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Atrium Gold Label Endocrine Glandulars and Organ Supplements

Organic, raw tissue supplements for powerful support of body systems

Atrium'a Gold Label line of fine supplements

In July of 2015, Atrium closed its doors.  The weight of new FDA regulations was just too costly, both for record-keeping and the related rise in the cost of ingredients.  However, I have found a source for identical — or nearly identical — formulas.  That source is a company called Bio-Design.  Although it is taking time to get pages for Bio-Design online, but you can order many of their products from here.

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Atrium, part of the Aspen Group, offers an exceptional line of raw, bovine tissue supplements, under its Gold Label.  These products include a full spectrum of individual and special combinations of raw tissue concentrates, processed through the Freeze Dried method. 

This process provides the most highly concentrated source of natural factors, preserving a stable and more complete end product, containing a maximum of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients found in raw glands, and is now the most widely accepted process in the manufacture of supplements used by professional healthcare practitioners.

All tissues are derived from Argentine cattle, certified by SENASA (an official Argentine Agricultural agency) to be organic, having been range (grass) fed and raised without hormones, pesticides or insecticides.  [Note: This statement has not been updated.  Still, Bio-Design is committed to providing you glandulars from the finest sources.]

I was introduced to Atrium's glandulars by my chiropractor, who, quite literlly, gave me back my life.  After using them for more than 35 years, I'm still amazed at the impact they can have on body systems.  They have been a key factor in enabling me to be functional.  That is why I highly recommend these products.





Note: While I don't have anywhere near the full line Brown Label products represented on this website, if you have any interest in specific products, I would be more than happy to add it in, for your convenience.


Adrenal 80 from Bio-Design

Price:  $25.00

Atrium's Adrenal 80 provides you with 80 mg of raw adrenal concentrate (bovine), for the support of healthy adrenal function.

100 capsules bottles.

Hypothalamus 50 from Bio-Design

Price:  $21.00

Atrium's Hypothalamus 50 provides you with 50 mg raw hypothalamus tissue concentrate, from a bovine source.  It is an excellent support for hypothalamic function.

90 capsules bottle.

Kidney 440 — Kidney 300 from Bio-Design

Price:  $21.00

Atrium's Kidney 300 provides you with 300 mg of raw kidney concentrate for the support of proper kidney function.

90 tablet bottle.

Pituitary, Whole from Bio-Design

Price:  $25.00

Atrium's Pituitary, Whole provides you with 40 mg of raw pituitary tissue concentrate (bovine), for the support of normal pituitary function.

100 tablets bottle.

Spleen 260 from Bio-Design

Price:  $27.00

Atrium is no longer in business, but Bio-Design has an equivalent Spleen 260.  Like that from Atrium, it provides you with 260 mg or raw spleen concentrate (bovine), for the support of healthy spleen function.

The spleen is essentially your largest lymphatic organ, and provides support in the development of healthy red blood cells.  Spleen 260 works well with Lymph 160 in supporting healthy immune function.

90 capsules bottle.

Thymus 150 from Bio-Design

Price:  $23.00

Atruim's Thymus 150 provides you with 150 mg raw thymus concentrate (bovine), for the support of health thymus function.

The thymus is one of the most important immune function regulators in the body.  I've read reports that have indicated that, in AIDS, it's the thymus that takes the first big hit.  While I would never suggest that this product would cure AIDS, it does suggest how important supporting this gland is to healthy immune function.

I've used Atrium's Thymus 150 for over 28 years, and I've always found it helpful, along with Lymph 160 and Spleen 360, in keeping my immune system in tune.

120 capsules bottles.

Thyroid 130 from Bio-Design

Price:  $31.00

Atrium's Bio-Design's Thyroid 130 provides you with 130 mg of thyroid gland concentrate.  Processed with the Freeze Dried method, it provides you with the most highly concentrated source of nutritional factors — including vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients found in the raw thyroid gland — in a stable and complete end product.

90 capsules bottles.

Other Gold Label products from Atrium

Bone 350
Liver 450
Lung 200

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