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How your personal information is stored and used

I understand the concern most people have about safeguarding their personal information on the internet.  I share that concern, and conduct this business accordingly.  For you to do business with me requires a significant amount of trust, and I work hard to earn that trust.

Accordingly, I treat all information gathered through this website as I would my own.

From February 2002 through August 2007, I was proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau Online.  As a member in good standing, I was bound by a strict code of ethics — especially concerning what is done with your personal information.  But, beyond that, it has always been a matter of personal principle to treat you as I would want to be treated myself.

This means you can trust that:

And so, while I have chosen to end my affiliation with the BBB Online (the membership fees grew to a level that I could no longer justify it), you can be assured of the same ethical business practices as before.

It's my goal to offer you the best of service while guarding your right to privacy.

I thank you for your trust.

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